Ashley Roe

An artist with sustainability at the forefront of her mind, Ashley Roberts utilizes a variety of mediums to create pieces that touch base on  the idea of perception. 

Residing in New York, currently - her main project is DI·A·TOM: a sustainable art collective. 

As an ambassador for the non-profit Remake she actively holds events that combine art & sustainability. 


Clients: Nestle Skin Health . The Camp David . Ashya LoliBijoux Jewelry . Sliver Spoon Jewelry . ScrapCity LA  . Moxie Vintage . Shop Jeen . Brink Magazine . Lace and Whiskey . Dekadens Designs . BioStrap . Love Culture . Shop Too Poor . Whim Magazine . Sad Girl Magazine . Toksick Magazine

Instagram: @ashleyroephoto


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